A marketing analyst in this universe, and an F1 racer in alternate reality, Raj spends all his money on lenses and camera equipment.

Shrusti  is an HR professional by day, and writer by night. She loves The Potato*, in all possible forms, and it is feared she will soon turn into one. 

We love to travel, and love sharing our stories with anyone who’ll listen. We spend a lot of time doing research, constructing our next itinerary, so if you need ideas, suggestions and help planning yours, give us a shout!

You’re welcome to join us on our next holiday, we keep this page updated with what’s coming next!

You can also bring us some chips. 

Chips would be nice.

*A lot of people have asked if The Potato is a nickname for Raj.  Nooo its not! Its the humble vegetable.  Aloo. Spud. Tater. Batata.