Gluttony in Italy!

Italy has long since been at the top of our must-visit list. Because Rome and because Pasta. The first thing I noticed as soon as we got off the airport-train in Rome, was the delightful ratio of humans to dogs. If the happiness quotient of a nation could be measured using this very sensible index,... Continue Reading →

Burma Burma

Our trip to Burma was meant to be just a prelude to a longer itinerary in Cambodia, but the magnificence of the sights and the simplicity of the hospitality, deserve a special place on the mantelpiece. BangaloreKuala LumpurYangon The star attraction in Rangoon is the Swedagon Pagoda. Built on a sacred spot, believed to be... Continue Reading →

Cambodia – why it should be your next travel destination

What started out as a quest for bio-luminescent plankton, turned out to the most unexpected of adventures.Whether you’re travelling with a group of friends, family, your better half, or back-packing alone, Cambodia has something for everyone — soak in the magnificent history and architecture of ancient Khmer or soak up sun in most pristine virgin beaches. And... Continue Reading →

Indonesia – Beyond Bali!

Indonesia is a dramatic collage of about 17000 islands most of which are uninhabited. Each of these islands has its own distinct history, culture, ethnicity, topography, and yet when it comes to tourism, Indonesia is most well- known for good ol’ Bali. When we started to plan this trip, our intention was to cover as... Continue Reading →

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